Deep Cut Blade

279,00 kr
Deep Cut Blade
  • This blade is designed to use with the electronic tool Silhouette Curio, Silhouette Portrait 2 or Silhouette Cameo 3.
  • Using this blade, we can cut materials for up to 2 mm. thick, such as foam, faux leader, fabric, thick cardboards...
  • The blade has 20 positions in order to adjust it to adapt on both the materials you usually use and the thicker ones.
  • The numbers that indicate the thickness of the blade are in two colors, blue (from 1 to 10) and red (from 11 to 20). Turn the blade until the red line marks the number you want to set. If the blue ring is visible, the number being marked is the blue one. If the blue ring disappears, we are selecting the number that is in red.

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